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Get the Best of Both Worlds: Adirondack Safari & GlampADK

Photos courtesy of Adirondack Safari / GlampADK.

While many people love getting outside during the warmer months of summer, the idea of sleeping on the hard ground in a tent is not always appealing. Fortunately, glamping combines the best parts of camping with all the luxuries of a hotel. 

Andrew Percetti runs Adirondack Safari, located along Schroon Lake, where guests can enjoy all the normal camping activities while spending the night in a lavish tent. For those who want the glamping experience to come to them, Andrew also created GlampADK, a mobile service perfect for several different special occasions. Each business offers different benefits, but both give guests an unforgettable experience.

In September 2018, the previous owner of Adirondack Safari was packing up for the season and selling some of the tents. “I just saw the deal, didn’t know what I was going to do with them, and I bought a few of them,” said Andrew. 

One of his friends had a party rental business that set up tents for different events, like weddings, and Andrew realized there was no convenient place for everyone to stay on the property. Traveling from a hotel to an outdoor venue can be an inconvenience. This gave Andrew the idea to create GlampADK,
a mobile service that brings luxury tents directly to the venue. In addition to weddings, GlampADK is perfect for birthday parties or just a fun backyard camping experience.

Shortly after starting GlampADK, Andrew was offered the opportunity to purchase Adirondack Safari. “I went from buying a couple of tents, not knowing what I was going to do, started GlampADK which is a delivery service, to then taking over Adirondack Safari all within a year and a half,” said Andrew. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 was just starting at the time Andrew took over ownership, so the camp wasn’t operational for a while. However, this gave Andrew time to expand GlampADK. Because it was an outdoor service, Andrew was able to get the business on the essential list. The tents could be set up while following required safety procedures and provided people with a fun activity they could do right from their backyard. 

Even now, as things have returned to normal, GlampADK is still a popular and fun way for those wanting to elevate their backyard camping experience.

The tents for GlampADK can hold anywhere from one to five queen beds, each with a real mattress and bed frame. They are fully carpeted and can easily be connected to a power outlet. If an outlet is unavailable, Andrew offers power rentals. The tents all have a fan so everyone can be comfortable even during the hot summer nights. 

Additionally, they are sturdy enough to protect from weather conditions like rain. As long as people keep the doors to the tent closed, they will stay dry and comfortable. On average, each tent takes only about an hour to set up. The tents at Adirondack Safari are the same high quality; the only difference is it is not mobile like GlampADK. “Adirondack Safari you come to us, GlampADK we come to you,” Andrew explained.

Upon arrival at Adirondack Safari, guests can expect to find a variety of fun activities for any age. People can enjoy free river tubing, bingo, karaoke, kayak rentals, outdoor movie showings, Native American performances, scavenger hunts for children, cornhole, and more. Additionally, guests have access to charcoal grills, campfires where wood gets delivered directly to the tents, and picnic tables. 

Andrew shares that the overall goal is to be “providing a service that’s unique and different than someone just staying at a hotel.” Hotels can feel isolating at times, but Adirondack Safari allows for a sense of community. 

Overall, the camp allows people to “get to do the most important thing, which is just spending time with the people that they love and care about; their friends and family. But then also having all the cool activities at the same time,” shared Andrew.

Adirondack Safari’s season begins mid-June and goes until early September. GlampADK runs a little longer from April to November if weather permits.
If you’re interested in booking from either business, the sooner you call the better. For more information about GlampADK, visit: www.glampadk.com and for more information about Adirondack Safari, visit: www.adirondacksafari.com.