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Buying Local Glens Falls

Joe, Cameron and Luke Kelly (Arkon Developers)

Welcome to Buying Local Glens Falls!

You’d be surprised what the Glens Falls area might have in store for you. Here on Buying Local Glens Falls, we’ll be interviewing a new guest every episode! Who will that guest be? All we’ll say here is it will be a local – to learn more, you’ll have to tune in and find out for yourself!

Episode 15

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Joe, Cameron, and Luke Kelly; the father and sons team behind Hudson Falls’ own Arkon Developers! They talk about some of the interesting things they’ve seen in their time renovating homes – you never know what’s on the other side of that wall! It could be insulation, it could be another wall, or even… A servants’ staircase? Listen to this episode to hear more about what Arkon can do, and what they’ve seen!


Contact Arkon Developers by phone at (518) 415-9028, or by email at arkondevelopers@yahoo.com


00:21 – Introduction

01:08 – A Brief History of Arkon Developers

02:41 – Working with Dad

05:38 – What Does Akron Offer?

10:08 – Same Problem, Different Approaches

11:26 – Taking Inspiration

12:56 – Luke’s Side of the Story

16:46 – Luke, the MacGyver of the Team!

18:49 – Commercial Break: Visit Bogey’s Pub & Grill!

19:18 – Anything and Everything for Outdoor Maintenance!

25:18 – Sprinklers Aren’t Just For Show! Build a Solid Root System (But Not Too Solid!)

29:41 – Don’t Underestimate the Details!

32:36 – From Filler Job to Killer Job: The Domino Effect


37:14 – What’s on the Other Side of That Wall?

38:54 – Servant-Grade Architecture: A History

40:56 – Commercial Break: Visit SkyZone Trampoline Park in Queensbury!

41:12 – The COVID Boom… Stuck at Home? Then Improve Your Home!

45:09 – How to Get in Touch with Arkon: (518) 415-9028, arkondevelopers@yahoo.com

46:26 – The Stigma Against Contractors: Arkon Will Earn Your Trust!

50:10 – A One-Stop Renovation Shop: Saunas, Bars, and More!

51:47 – Closing Remarks

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, SaratogaBride.com LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, Spa City Digital, or Five Towers Media.


  • Host

    Mike Nelson

  • Guests

    Joe, Cameron, and Luke Kelly

  • Runtime

    52 min, 23 sec

  • Air Date

    March 21st, 2023