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Welcome to Buying Local Glens Falls!

You’d be surprised what the Glens Falls area might have in store for you. Here on Buying Local Glens Falls, we’ll be interviewing a new guest every episode! Who will that guest be? All we’ll say here is it will be a local – to learn more, you’ll have to tune in and find out for yourself!

Episode 6
In this episode, our host Mike Nelson co-hosts with legendary real estate mogul Paul Smith to interview Ryan van Amburgh, co-founder of Career Jam! They discuss the unconventional but fantastic services the organization has to offer; how it helps guide our youth towards the future they want to make a reality!
00:05 – Introduction
00:40 – What is Career Jam?
03:08 – Trade Show Setups: Not Your Average Job Fair! Games, Music, Trivia, and More!
06:18 – A Regional Focus: Our Kids Are Not Exports!
08:17 – How Do Employers Get Involved?
10:07 – Layers of Preparation: Keeping It Fun and Valuable Long-Term!
12:05 – Preemptive Research: Helping Kids, Employers AND Teachers!
14:45 – Standard Aptitude Tests? USELESS!
16:45 – Knowing What You’re Going to College for is Critically Important; But Sadly Under-Practiced!
17:42 – BOCES is Bodacious: Shoutout to Dr. Turina Parker!
19:08 – Not Just for Kids: Anybody Can Come Learn a Profession at BOCES!
20:32 – “Dad, I Don’t Want a Desk Job”
21:54 – There is No Universally Wrong Answer: But an Answer Could be Wrong for You! Choose Right!
23:38 – Shoutout to SUNY Adirondack and Nick Paigo!
24:54 – “Complete, Not Compete!”
25:49 – Getting More Tools in the Toolbox
26:22 – I’m Going Digital: Adapting Learning Techniques to the Modern Day
27:25 – Closing Remarks: How to Get in Touch

PRODUCTION NOTE: The opinions reflected in this podcast are not indicative of the views of Saratoga Business Report, SaratogaBride.com LLC, Saratoga TODAY, Glens Falls TODAY, or Spa City Digital.


  • Hosts

    Michael Nelson
    Paul Smith

  • Guests

    Ryan van Amburgh

  • Runtime

    29 min 4 sec

  • Airdate

    November 14, 2022